2 Ways to Unite Social Media & Email Marketing

It is unquestionably true that social media and email marketing are the two key channels of promoting the valuable marketing content of your business and have absolute power to generate leads. It’s true that you may be utilizing these two mediums separately to grow your business opportunities, but, when you unite social media and email marketing, then this enables you to double your conversion rates and generate more revenue. So, there is a need to collaborate these two powerful mediums of social marketing by incorporating social media in your email marketing campaigns to optimize leads and generate maximum revenue.

email marketing and social media


In the era of an extensive usage of online marketing platforms to promote marketing content, it’s imperative to unite social media and email marketing as by doing this you can double your conversions. Let’s take a look into the ways to collaborate these two dominant mediums of online marketing.

Making Optimum Utilization of Emails through Social Media Links

It’s as important to make effective use of webinars to promote your marketing content among the potential leads, so it’s equally relevant to enhance the appeal of your webinars by adding social media links like that of Facebook, Twitter, Google+. It’s true that people who visit your website and view your webinars  would also desire to share this useful information among their friends and colleagues. But this can be possible only if you make this process easily accessible to your users. This can be done by making use of shared links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by emailing within your blast. Now the question arises for all the tech newbies as to what are Email blasts? And what purpose do they serve?

Email blast means when you need to send out the mass of emails to your target audience which enables you to send emails only to those people who find them relevant and ignore those people who are not important for your business opportunities. So, to maximize ROI, it’s imperative to create a webpage of your email blast and share the icons by using the URLs on that page as the link. Moreover, it’s precisely significant to share these icons on that part of the page by using an attractive header or footer or pointing an arrow towards it, which attracts the maximum attention of the visitors to click on that icon. It’s equally important to take care of those people who have downloaded your e-books or registered for your webinars by creating a tool of click to tweet. This would enable them to tweet in just one single click to reach out to the maximum number of people and share that they have downloaded your e-book or gone for webinar which would be the best call to action post form filling.

Making Effective Use of Cold Feet through Facebook Re-targeting

The next important aspect is to maximize the number of sign ups as people may visit your webpage, but do not show any inclination towards signing up. So, to cover up this problem there is a need to use cold feet to enhance conversion rates of your landing pages by making use of Facebook re-targeting ads which should have initial “form fill page” and “Thank You page” which reverts back when they fill the form. Then the next step would be to use the number of website visits to create a custom audience page in Facebook Ads Manager. This would help you to include only those people in your list who have filled the form and ignore those people who have visited the “Thank You page”. This information is extremely important to consider only those people who have converted as they would form part of custom audience. Then you can use the Facebook Ad campaign for the custom audience towards the particular piece of content. This would help to remind those people who have not yet converted whenever they are using social networking sites like Facebook.

Therefore, it is certainly an amazing benefit to combine the two mediums of social marketing as these days people prefer to share meaningful information among their social circle as this enhances their social circle and makes them appear trustworthy.

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