About Me

Hey guys, my name is Charles. I am a blogger, author and motivational speaker. It has been my business to work with high worth companies and individuals to help them re-think and re-work their strategies and expand their online presence through innovative digital, content and social media marketing techniques.

I am a huge marketing buff. Well, to put things into proper perspective, I’m an “everything to do with marketing and tech and living life to the fullest buff”. And so as you can guess what the content of blogs would include!

This blog in particular is concerned with everything to do with digital, content, social media marketing as well as the latest in marketing automation technology. Let me spell things out a little more clearly so you guys get a more detailed picture of what will be included in my articles—email marketing tips, software, strategies; content curation tips and techniques; landing page building techniques and strategies; all about increasing traffic and lead generation, including, SEO, LSO, SEM, PPC and more; marketing automation reviews and the latest in API’s and integrations; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin applications and much more.

I’ve spent my career helping people’s visibility online and creating brands where there were none. So get on board because there is a lot to earn with smart marketing strategies. If you have any question about anything you’ve read or you want to discuss your business, please write to me, by filling out the form below and we can get the ball rolling.

To new learning and your success,